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Lumera's Fall Armor by LumeraLightstar Lumera's Fall Armor :iconlumeralightstar:LumeraLightstar 23 32
    “Beautiful, isn’t she, sir?”
    “Aye, that she is.”
    The only passenger of the small cargo freighter gazed out of the front viewport of the ship, to the massive construct that waited for him.
    “Have you been on her before, Dr. Arcflame?”
    Dr. Arcflame, Head Councillor of the Dragon Shadow Council and Head Doctor of Dragons of the Kaiser Board, smirked slightly.
    “Once.” Torkos grunted. “I was only allowed a brief stay before returning planetside. This will be my first voyage, as it were.” The purple dragon grinned. His fused beak of teeth split the smile down the middle and made it a leer.
    “I’ll have to congratulate her captain on her name though. It is fitting.”
    Emblazoned across the flank of the many kiloton cruiser that plied the depths of space fo
:icontorkos-arcflame:Torkos-Arcflame 8 24
Slice Of Life by Red-IzaK Slice Of Life :iconred-izak:Red-IzaK 260 21 Techna ref 2017-2018 by Blu-Tech Techna ref 2017-2018 :iconblu-tech:Blu-Tech 18 39 Ox reference sheet 2k17 by TheSazja Ox reference sheet 2k17 :iconthesazja:TheSazja 15 10 [PL] ECHO - Smoki Cz.1 by LastKrystalDragon [PL] ECHO - Smoki Cz.1 :iconlastkrystaldragon:LastKrystalDragon 34 22 The Sad Truth by zokwani The Sad Truth :iconzokwani:zokwani 15 15 It's in her Paws by NyraWrites It's in her Paws :iconnyrawrites:NyraWrites 7 0 Goodbye to a world by TheSazja Goodbye to a world :iconthesazja:TheSazja 17 4 Godzilla99: the dragon of light by earthsdefenders Godzilla99: the dragon of light :iconearthsdefenders:earthsdefenders 9 2 Wolf Square Portrait by Red-IzaK Wolf Square Portrait :iconred-izak:Red-IzaK 256 18
Allistair the Oathbreaker (Dragon TF)
Eight years have gone by ever since the young boy named Allistair has gone under servility for Lord Harriston. For a long and harsh eight years had he been Page in the house of Rownham, devouring all the precious words of advice his Lord had given to him. Once the scrawny, thin boy- frail and weak with dirty blonde hair- now the young, muscled man with huge ambitions.
He had been swift and probably deadly with the blade, had he not been sparring with a wooden sword. Many times had he received praise from Harriston, who was astonished by his quick and nimble footing, as well as his keen and open mind. Yes, one might say that Allistair was part of the family and definitely Harriston’s favourite.
Well, Allistair had always been a little fighter. He fought in an argument with his parents to convince him to let him pursue his dream; becoming a noble knight. At first they were not all too pleased, considering that the training wasn’t the cheapest.
Next he had been battling diseas
:icontimmichangas:timmichangas 23 89
Different Kind of Prey by Red-IzaK
Mature content
Different Kind of Prey :iconred-izak:Red-IzaK 191 105
Taste blood by Blu-Tech Taste blood :iconblu-tech:Blu-Tech 12 23 Childhood (Art Trade) by Eweeka Childhood (Art Trade) :iconeweeka:Eweeka 53 57 Ox ref 2k16 OLD by TheSazja Ox ref 2k16 OLD :iconthesazja:TheSazja 41 16

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Tag stolen from DounutCereal

- Tag people I do it on my own. *shrug*
- Answer honestly
- Put the title as "I am an ___ dragon" (or an elemental pun) - refer to rule 1 response
- Have fun! - otherwie I wouldn't do it, would I?
[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

Green Flame by DAUnderworld Nature  Green Flame by DAUnderworld
[] You love being outside.
[X] Sunlight makes you feel happy. 
[] You love all animals.
[] You feel bad when you kill a bug. (not at all XD)
[] You own lots of plants. (I miss my plants)
[] You are a vegetarian/vegan.
[/] You love fruits and vegetables.

Total: 1.5

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:greenwhitefire: by NamelessBot Earth  :greenwhitefire: by NamelessBot
[X] You are very headstrong.
[X] You are a very grounded person.
[X] You are physically strong or big.
[X] You try hard to maintain balance in your life.
[X] You eat a lot and love food.
[X] You are not sensitive.
[X] You don't mind getting dirty.

Total: 7

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

animated fire by darkmoon3636 Fire  animated fire by darkmoon3636
[] You have a lot of sass.
[/] You love warmth. (It's really nice to do a cat impression and curl up in front of a nice warm heater in winter)
[X] You get angered easily, but calm down quickly. (Hah, I wish the latter was true)
[] You get into a lot of fights.
[X] You are rude.
[X] You are passionate/emotional.
[/] You love spicy food.

Total: 4

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:whitebluefire: by NamelessBot Ice  :whitebluefire: by NamelessBot
[X] You don't express your emotions.
[] You come across as cold or uncaring.
[] You are thin or frail. (nah XD)
[X] You don't mind the cold.
[] You find yourself with cold extremities.
[/] You crack easily under pressure.
[X] You are not sensitive. 

Total: 3,5

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:psychogreenfire: by NamelessBot Lightning  :psychogreenfire: by NamelessBot
[] You have way too much energy.
[] People tell you to quiet down often.
[X] You have trouble falling asleep.
[X] You play your music loud.
[/] You are often happy. (Depends on the situation. )
[X] You are disruptive. (YES)
[/] You love playing sports. (Yes but too lazy for it)

Total: 4

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:bluewhitefire: by NamelessBot Water  :bluewhitefire: by NamelessBot
[/] You are mostly relaxed.
[/] You love swimming. (Long time since I last done it)
[/] You can hold your breath for a long time. (Is 90 seconds long enough?)
[] You cry easily.
[] You primarily drink water. (tea FTW)
[X] You take stuff very personally.
[] You wear your heart on your sleeve.

Total: 2.5

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:whitefire: by NamelessBot Wind  :whitefire: by NamelessBot
[] You have great endurance. (Yeah, I wish XD)
[/] You often dream about flying.
[/] You are not clumsy.
[] You tend to "wing it" a lot.
[] You love to look at the sky and daydream.
[] You love to look fancy.
[] You are musical/can play more than one instrument. (I wish XD)

Total: 1

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:blackfire: by SlayerDrake Metal  :blackfire: by SlayerDrake
[] You are a tech whiz. 
[X] You don't care about what other people think of you.
[X] You don't often go outside.
[X] People expect much of you.
[X] You find it easy to figure out how things work.
[/] You are smart with your money. (Wooooooo, $40k debt... go away already)
[X] You love video games.
Total: 5.5

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:whitegreenfire: by NamelessBot Light  :whitegreenfire: by NamelessBot
[] You are positive and optimistic. (More like sarcastic realistic XD)
[X] You have a few really close friends.
[X] You believe in equality.
[/] You are compassionate. (I guess..?)
[] People look to you for advice.
[/] You find it hard to understand people with different opinions. (There's very few excepitons)
[] You hate being alone.

Total: 3

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:blackflame: by NamelessBot Dark  :blackflame: by NamelessBot
[] You don't understand people.
[X] You are not social or have many friends.
[] People think you are "evil".
[X] You love rock music. 
[/] You relate to antagonists more than protagonists.  (I get them both)
[X] You prefer to spend time in the dark. (YES)
[] You take naps during the day. (So rarely I would not consider it even a half point)

Total: 1.5

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:pinkblackfire: by NamelessBot Magic  :pinkblackfire: by NamelessBot
[/] You believe in ouija boards/tarot cards/other magic. (I don't but I stay away from iot just in case ;>.=.> )
[/] Your opinion changes easily. (Adjusting to current situation is a better word fot it)
[/] People underestimate you.  (especially IRL ones)
[/] You are creative or artistic. (I guess? ._.)
[/] You think mythical creatures are real. (I hope for it at times. Life would m=get much more interesting with them XD)
[] You are a hoarder. (nope.avi)
[X] You love fantasy and reading books.

Total: 3.5

[ Pixel ] Silhouette Asian Dragon 1 Left - F2U 

:barneyflame: by SlayerDrake Poison  :barneyflame: by SlayerDrake
[] You never get sick. (Waay more often than I hoped for)
[/] People avoid you like the plague.
[X] People judge you/you are self-conscious. (They do that to everyone. Just not all are aware of it.)
[X] You love gross or dark humor.
[/] You have some sort of disorder. (Not fully certain about this one)
[X] You don't like it when people touch you. (ugh. Except those I know, at times.)
[] You are very opinionated.

Total: 4

So Earth, metal, lighting/fire... perhaps I'm lava dragon for real..? XD

Ok. Thingies aside. I'm going to go to College in matter of days.
This last week I hope I'll spend on finishing a drawing of my new OC.
Fair warning. I'm going to put mature content on the pic for a reason.
Thou has been warned.

So... how is your day going so far? ^-^
  • Listening to: Disturbed - Down with the sickness
  • Reading: Geology book
  • Watching: biten aple on my table
  • Playing: TES Legends
  • Eating: appke
  • Drinking: tea


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Just someone with a lot of random things to deal with.
If I do something I put as much effort into it as I only can.
Feel free to talk to me, I don't bite. ^.=.^

Personal quote: "Shall the tomorrow bring the better future."

Profile picture made by nessie904

Comm info: Use the donate button rather than purchasing point comms via buton. (note to me first, pay after cmm is done.)


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